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Thank You for your interest in serving as a 



(Volunteer Initiative Tutor)

How to become a V.I.T. 
1. Review the volunteer guidelines to make sure you fit the specific mission and qualifications for Teach One Reach One. 
2. Identify a student in need who would benefit from O-G/Multi-Sensory/Structured Literacy instruction. (Note: We believe V.I.T.s or partnering programs are best suited to identify students with academic needs and also determine a student's financial need.)
3. Download the Volunteer Tutoring Agreement and both tutor and student/guardians fill out the information completely and sign. Submit the form via the email address provided as soon as tutoring begins.
4. Each time the tutor and student reach a Milestone, submit a Milestone Certificate Award form so that you can recognize your student and be thanked for your own volunteer efforts. Visit the Milestones Certificate Awards page for more information.
A Special "Thank You" for Tutor Volunteers:

As a special thank you for new tutors, we are offering a curated collection of tutoring materials and resources to thank you, after you have completed 3 months of service with a student as a Volunteer Initiative Tutor.

These include: 

  • A set of 5 games to play online with students- that can be used anytime for any lesson, without prior set up.

  • A PDF multi-sensory teaching activity for teaching b/d discrimination and practice.

Ask questions or submit your volunteer form to:


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