How Does the Volunteer Tutor Initiative Work?

The goal of the volunteer tutor initiative is to close the gap in equal access to quality structured literacy reading instruction for students in need. To do this, we are looking to raise up an army of tutors who are trained in Orton-Gillingham based reading instruction who are willing to volunteer to teach one student in need, free of charge.

Teach One Reach One wants to keep this process as simple as possible.

1. The potential volunteer can be certified or gaining training and experience in any generally recognized Orton-Gillingham based program or training.

2. The volunteer identifies a student in need. This may be a student who approaches them for help, but is unable to pay, or they may approach a local school or organization to see if they can recommend a student in need.

3. The volunteer signs up on our Volunteer Initiative page and downloads the Volunteer Tutoring Application.

4. The volunteer and student or guardian fill out the application together and submit it when tutoring starts.

5. The student and volunteer will be recognized for their efforts with certificates, when certain Milestone Achievement points are reached.

Please note that Teach One Reach One does not find and assign tutors or students. We trust the volunteer to identify a student in need. The application recommends that all volunteers have appropriate clearances of some type but it is up to the volunteer and student/guardians to review the qualifications and clearances of the tutor. The application provides guidance for this to happen.

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