How Can I Find a Student In Need of Help to Tutor?

A tutor recently asked me, "How can I find a student who might need my help?" Here are a few ideas that might work or provide inspiration:

1. Someone contacts you for help, and when you discuss price, you learn that they cannot afford to pay, and their situation sounds genuine and verifiable.

2. Share with friends/family, your church or other group you're involved with about what you hope to do in case they might know someone in need.

3. Contact a local school, public or private, and ask if there is a student in need they know of that would really benefit from tutoring. In this instance, you would have to rely on the school to make first contact with the parent and get permission for you to reach out to them.

4. Contact local service organizations such as the women's shelter, Salvation Army, or other organization that services people in need/crisis and ask if there is a potential student in need of help where you could volunteer.

5. Contact local prisons, community or job training organizations, ESL programs, after school programs, or any place where there might be a child or adult that could benefit from your instruction.

6. Contact the International Dyslexia Association or local dyslexia, dyslexia parent groups that might be aware of individuals in need of services who cannot pay.

If you have any of your own ideas, let me know. I'd love to hear them.


Teach One Reach One Coordinator

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