Recorded Webinars and Events

Recorded Webinars

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Using Barton & Whizzimo to Tutor Online - recorded 3/26/20 - A webinar for Barton Reading & Spelling System tutors who plan to use the Barton & Whizzimo platform to teach online.

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0:00 Introduction

2:48 Teaching in whole video view

9:00 Checking your video and audio in Zoom

14:45 Inviting your student to the Zoom mtg. via email

23:50 How to share control with your student in Zoom

25:25 How to navigate between different lesson parts online

27:00 Whizzimo and Barton

43:35 How to play review games online

49:00 How to use OneNote for extra practice & fluency pages

51:40 Google Slides games

53:30 Q & A

Using Whizzimo & all other O-G/Reading Programs - recorded 3/25/20 - A webinar for those new to teaching online. This webinar addresses how to adapt any O-G Program or method and teach online using Zoom, Whizzimo ​and your own materials.

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0:00 Introduction

4:38 Teaching in full video view

10:42 Hand gestures/other MS gestures online

12:48 Sharing your screen in Zoom

15:18 Checking audio settings in Zoom

18:00 Checking video settings in Zoom

20:00 Inviting a student via email

22:30 Sharing your screen in Zoom

24:30 Sharing control in Zoom

25:20 Navigating between different lesson parts online

27:57 Whizzimo activities and features

37:30 Q & A's

44:26 Creating a workbook in Whizzimo

50:00 Using OneNote to share your PDFs

Making Games for Online Tutoring Using Google Slides - T​his recorded webinar shows you how you can make fun, all-purpose generic games that you can use for review and practice during online instruction.

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The Online Toolkit...

How to Make Workbooks and Practice Activities in Whizzimo - This video demonstrates how you can make full use of Whizzimo's features to create teaching and practice activities for your students.

NEW! Using Google Slides and OneNote to Create & Share Teaching Materials, Practice Activities and GamesThis webinar shows you how to use Google Slides and OneNote to create, organize and share your online teaching materials, practice activities and games. 

NEW! Using Kami to Share and Write on PDF Worksheets Online - This Online Toolkit video shows how you can share a link via Kami's PDF Annotation app with your students so they can not only see all of your teaching materials but also work on them with you during lessons.

*A Google Chromebooks/Tablet-Friendly Resource

NEW! Using Google Jamboard as an Online Tutoring Whiteboard - Google Jamboard is a free, online whiteboard that can be a great addition to your online toolkit.

*A Google Chromebooks/Tablet-Friendly Resource


Teach One Reach One Online - YouTube Resource Channel

Visit our T1R1 Resource Channel for many more videos filled with tips and tools to help you enhance your online teaching practice. Subscribe to our channel to get notified when more video resources are posted.

*A Google Chromebooks/Tablet-Friendly Resource - This designation identifies a resource or tool that works well when you or your student are using a Google Chromebooks or a tablet, such as an iPad or other tablet. These tools allow you to share a direct link with the student so that they can see and also work on the item you are sharing.

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