Volunteer Initiative

What is the Teach One Reach One Online

Volunteer Initiative?

The Teach One Reach One Online Volunteer Initiative is a movement to raise up Barton Reading & Spelling System tutors  who are willing to volunteer to help one child in need for reduced or no charge, in addition to any other paid position or tutoring they provide.

The focus of Teach One Reach One Online is to provide help for students using research-based methods shown to be effective for students with dyslexia or greater difficulty in learning to read. Multi-sensory methods for math and other subjects are also welcomed.

Teach One Reach One Online believes that volunteers are the best suited to identify students in need in their own communities, in person or online. Rather, we provide potential volunteers with  support so that they can identify students and set up an effective outreach, while receiving support themselves in their efforts to teach online and make a difference. On occasion, we may notify those on our mailing list with a particular need that has been brought to our attention.

How Can I Volunteer?

Teach One Reach One Online can be an excellent way for newer Barton tutors to gain experience by volunteering to teach students at free or reduced cost, while working on the experience you need to become certified or work with other students.


  • You are using the Barton Reading & Spelling System to help any students with dyslexia or greater difficulty in learning to read. You are certified, or you self-disclose to your potential student that you are not certified and your level of experience.

  • You provide and use your own Barton Reading & Spelling materials.

  • You sign up as an Teach One Reach One Member Volunteer to officially be recognized as part of the Teach One Reach One Initiative. You must sign up using the form provided to receive any recognition or tutor rewards.

  • You identify one student in need and provide services to that student at the same minimum level for effective reading growth that you would provide a paying student. 

  • Note: If you are currently volunteering to tutor any student at free or reduced cost (with the exception of your own children) you may register as a Teach One Reach One Online Volunteer. Your time earned towards tutoring certificates and thank you rewards will start from the date you turn in your application.

  • Important Disclaimer: Teach One Reach One does not conduct screenings or background checks of any volunteer. It is the responsibility of the volunteer and student or family to ensure that any proper background checks have been conducted.

How We Help Volunteers

When you volunteer via Teach One Reach One to help a student in need, we support you by providing the following:

  • A simple form you can use or modify as an agreement for your volunteer services. This will help you set expectations for both you and the family/student to help encourage a positive experience.

  • An Award Certificate to present your student each time they reach a milestone.

  • A Recognition Certificate to acknowledge your effort as a volunteer for each milestone reached.

  • Support and encouragement from your fellow volunteer teachers, tutors and interventionists via our Teach One Reach One YouTube channel, and our Tutor Support Pages.

  • A Thank You for Volunteering: We are offering a special selection of tutoring tools and materials as a Thank You for every tutor after they complete three months of volunteer work with a student. Visit our Volunteer Tutor Page below to learn more.

How do I sign up?

Just visit our Volunteer Initiative Tutors Page to get more information and a link to download the sign-up form. 


Please note: You must sign up and submit a Volunteer Agreement before you can be a participant. Any volunteer time before signing up will not count towards Milestone Achievement levels. Your information is private and will not be shared.

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